News: Can hydrogen provide a solution to reducing carbon emissions?

One of the biggest issues surrounding climate change is the abundance of harmful gases in the atmosphere, such as carbon dioxide, and its contribution toward increasing global temperatures. As of this year, approximately 3 billion tons of carbon dioxide has been emitted into the atmosphere and with the normalised practices of modern day this number is forever climbing. However, some people are hard at work in creating solutions to these complex problems such as the idea of using hydrogen gas as a replacement to fossil fuels.

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The use of hydrogen could be a promising solution as there is an abundance of hydrogen gas with very little chance of depletion. As we are starting to see the consequences of using modern day machines and the impacts on human and environmental health, hydrogen presents itself as a cleaner solution. Hydrogen when used goes through what is known as clean-burning, its by-products consisting of only water and heat which can both be recycled. Therefore, offering a much cleaner source of energy.

On paper this seems like an obvious and needed transition, however this transition will require a lot of economic investment in order to build the infrastructure required to supply hydrogen as an alternative fuel source. Presently, we are seeing some early transition and investment as of September this year, ZeroAvia successfully made their first zero emission flight using a hydrogen powered plane. Additionally, other companies such as Airbus are looking toward hydrogen powered commercial flights to be readily available in the near future. This appears to be the first steps toward zero emission engines and possibly in twenty years a normalised practice of modern times, such as internal combustion engines are today.

Transport is not the only industry this transition has impacted, as others are looking into hydrogen possibly being used within the home. Supplying houses with hydrogen as been estimated to cut carbon emissions by 6 millions tons a year. These estimations have come from the UK’s largest gas distribution network and they have also stated that this transition can help the UK become carbon neutral by 2050.

The transition toward hydrogen powered transport and households seems to be a promising solution to reducing carbon emissions. As the consequences of increased carbon emissions and warmer temperatures continue to damage the environment, looking toward alternatives such as this may be a vital consideration with the little time that is left before irreversible damage is done.


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