News: Greenland ice sheet currently melting at the fastest rate in 12,000 years

A study in 2010 stated that the Greenland Ice Sheet (GIS) has naturally lost mass in response to warming and grown in response to cooling. It states that there have been no major documented ice-sheet changes that have occurred to date. However, a recent study released in September of 2020 recorded that the GIS is currently melting at a faster rate than ever before in human history, an obvious warning that the warming of the planet and our need for renewable energy is urgent.

(Image: Bob Wilder/University at Buffalo)

The above graph visually demonstrates the rate at which the GIS is now melting at, before natural variability resulted in some degree of change but due to our increased impact on the planet this change has become imbalanced. Furthermore, they predict that by 2100 due to increased temperatures and future climate scenarios the GIS will be completely gone.

This serves as a major climate problem, among many others, as the ice that covers our planet protects it from harmful solar radiation and the disappearance of ice can cause major disruptions to the planet’s ecosystems which depend on it.

Therefore, the need for renewable energy needs to come at a quicker rate as we are already seeing the consequences of global warming as temperatures continue to increase.


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