News: UN report claims exported cars to developing nations harm the environment

A report published by the UN environmental programme has stated that millions of used cars from developed nations are exported to developing nations and greatly impact the planet’s health.

Photo by Pixabay on

The report expressed the key concerns being the emissions produced by used vehicles, the quality and safety of these cars and the costs to keep them operational.

An image taken from the report demonstrates the areas used cars are exported to and from:

Source: UNEP, based
on data collected from
major exporters, 2017

The report also states that this is a growing issue as most developing countries have little to no regulation regarding the safety and quality of imported used vehicles. This is a problem as many old and highly polluting vehicles can be exported and used in developing countries without recognising their impact on the environment.

This issue is said to worsen as well, as the report highlights by 2050 this problem will double in size, creating more of an issue surrounding pollution and unsafe cars being used in developing nations.


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