Why climate change should be a core subject in schools

Society’s youngest generation has shown a strong concern for the environment in recent years, possibly owing its awareness to the vast information that can be found on the internet. This information is valuable in spreading awareness and educating people on the current state of our planet, however not everyone uses the internet in a productiveContinue reading “Why climate change should be a core subject in schools”

News: Bank of England fund carbon-intensive companies

The Bank of England has been criticised for funding carbon-intensive companies during the pandemic. The Environmental Audit Committee has stated that companies should disclose their climate related activities when receiving funding. Many of the 230 companies which have received funding are said to produce a lot of carbon emissions. Since June 2020, it has beenContinue reading “News: Bank of England fund carbon-intensive companies”

The benefits of rewilding and biodiversity

‘The term biodiversity (from the phrase “biological diversity”) refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and can encompass the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life’ – greenmatters.com Biodiversity is needed as we rely on different ecosystems to provide water, food and medicine. If one species becomesContinue reading “The benefits of rewilding and biodiversity”

News: Cocoa farming is killing our forests

If you needed a more prominent reason to cut back on chocolate other than losing weight, deforestation and climate change is a valid enough reason to stop. As of 2019, a news website published an article stating: ‘Back in 2009, Mars Inc., maker of M&M’s, Milky Way and other well-known staples of the chocolate space,Continue reading “News: Cocoa farming is killing our forests”

Global climate change solutions

The problems climate change presents can seem complex at first, however below I have attempted to separate the solutions to this overwhelming problem into two categories. In order to better understand what can and must be done to prevent further damage from climate change, it is best to look at what we can do throughContinue reading “Global climate change solutions”

News: Royal family increase funding toward climate action

Prince Charles has recently announced the formation of the Earth Charter which is being launched alongside the Natural Capital Investment Alliance. It aims to mobilise $10 billion towards environmental issues by 2022, something which he was discredited for back in the 1970s when discussing the state of the natural world. He hopes that this newContinue reading “News: Royal family increase funding toward climate action”

News: Disease linked to dolphins caused by climate change

Endangered bottlenose dolphins are being found with Fresh Water Skin disease which has been linked to climate change by Australian scientists. As well as this disease, scientists have claimed that other problems also threaten their lives such as net entanglement, chemical threats and occasionally vessel collision. Specifically, the disease in question is likely to occurContinue reading “News: Disease linked to dolphins caused by climate change”

How climate denial prohibits climate action

Climate denial can be defined as ‘the refusal to accept the existence or validity of climate change‘. It is also well known that the ‘climate denial industry‘ plays an important role in preventing climate action and illuminates a certain corrupt political power which influences the public opinion for the benefit of their own agenda. ObviouslyContinue reading “How climate denial prohibits climate action”

News: UK Prime Minister promises more climate action

Recently, Boris Johnson has promised more State action in regards to climate change and has urged world leaders to do the same. The recent Climate Ambition Summit, productive debates were formed around the issues of climate change and how best to tackle them. Hopefully, from the conclusion drawn out of these meetings more international cooperationContinue reading “News: UK Prime Minister promises more climate action”

News: 92% of glaciers in the Alps could be lost by 2100

In recent news, the University of Aberystwyth have conducted research funded by their Change project, reporting predictions based on the early signs of climate change. Using prediction models and climate data from 1901 to 2100, Aberystwyth University has found that eco-systems and water run off may be gone in the near future, as well asContinue reading “News: 92% of glaciers in the Alps could be lost by 2100”