The shipping industry and sustainable fuel alternatives

The shipping industry is responsible for transporting approximately 52% of marine commerce across the world. However, the combustion engines which power these cargo ships impact the planet negatively by releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere. This is a problem as the shipping industry is one of the most important aspects of trade and livelihood forContinue reading “The shipping industry and sustainable fuel alternatives”

News: Deforestation of the Amazon at a record high

It has recently been reported by Brazil’s space agency (INPE) that the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has reached a new high. Deforestation of the Amazon, which is mostly illegal, takes place in order to make space for meat production or production of soya and other crops. With the decline of biodiversity in one ofContinue reading “News: Deforestation of the Amazon at a record high”

Solutions to plastic pollution in the ocean

As I mentioned in my previous post, the scale of plastic pollution has now reached unprecedented levels. We now can identify some of the issues with plastic and microplastic. Simply, microplastic is a danger to aquatic life, human life and water filtration systems. One of the largest problems with microplastic is the abundance of itContinue reading “Solutions to plastic pollution in the ocean”

News: Microplastic on Mount Everest

Since the mass production of plastic from the 1920s to the 1950s, plastic has been a useful commodity for various reasons. However, its biggest drawback is the amount of harm it can cause when thrown away after it has fulfilled its use. Microplastic is often the most harmful because it can get everywhere and canContinue reading “News: Microplastic on Mount Everest”

How much waste do we produce?

During the 20th century where technological innovation was progressing faster at an unprecedented rate, the world witnessed a surge in commodities which helped life become more simple. However, now we understand that consumerism is one of the biggest problems which causes climate change. For example, in 2016 the UK generated approximately 41.1 million tonnes ofContinue reading “How much waste do we produce?”

News: United Kingdom’s food imports vulnerable due to climate change

A recent scientific article has found that the United Kingdom’s fruit and vegetable supply is increasingly dependant on imports from climate-vulnerable countries. Using data from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) bilateral trade database¬†over a 27 year period, they found that: ‘The proportion of fruit and vegetables supplied to the UKContinue reading “News: United Kingdom’s food imports vulnerable due to climate change”

Psychology and climate change

The psychological impacts experienced from the consequences of climate change are often subjective to each individual. Psychologically, climate change often creates anxiety or feelings of helplessness when one considers the future state of the world. This feeling has been labelled differently by various researchers but often mean the same thing. One label for this typeContinue reading “Psychology and climate change”

News: Great Barrier Reef has lost half its coral since 1995

In a previous post I mentioned the continuing degradation of coral reefs and coral bleaching due to climate change which destroys marine habitats and the ecosystems which depend on them. In recent news, Marine scientists at the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies in Queensland, Australia have discovered that from 1995 to 2017Continue reading “News: Great Barrier Reef has lost half its coral since 1995”

What 2050 will look like if ‘business as usual’ continues

The phrase ‘business as usual‘ is a prediction model which demonstrates what will happen if nothing is changed over the next few decades. With the majority of business and governments central focus on economy rather than well-being, for both the planet and the people, often the future does not bode well if change is notContinue reading “What 2050 will look like if ‘business as usual’ continues”

News: UN report claims exported cars to developing nations harm the environment

A report published by the UN environmental programme has stated that millions of used cars from developed nations are exported to developing nations and greatly impact the planet’s health. The report expressed the key concerns being the emissions produced by used vehicles, the quality and safety of these cars and the costs to keep themContinue reading “News: UN report claims exported cars to developing nations harm the environment”