This website aims to help educate people on current environmental issues and the various ways people can help resolve the potentially catastrophic results of climate change.

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News: Helping children deal with the anxiety surrounding climate change

There is a rising concern among parents and teachers with children experiencing what has been deemed Eco-anxiety. If you would like to learn more about this phenomenon, more detail can be found in a previous post. In recent news, people are looking into ways to help alleviate this anxiety and create a more assured confidence…

Drones used to repopulate forests

A recent strategy to repopulate forests uses drones to plant seeds at a safer and faster way than humans can. In different parts of the world, organisations are using drones to restore forests damaged by wildfires and other consequences of climate change. This short video summaries what is taking place in the United States and…

News: Next global climate change summit will focus on the vulnerable

The next global climate change summit which is scheduled to take place later this year is reportedly focusing on those most vulnerable to the impact of climate change. ‘The Climate and Development Ministerial will bring together countries and partners to work on solutions to the flooding, drought and extreme temperatures faced by many developing countries,…

News: Climate change is now a degree course you can take at university

Climate change is now a subject people can study at university. This has emerged as a whole new area one can study at different universities around the UK. The course is specifically tailored to tackling climate change and focus on aspects from the impact of scientific mechanisms to the social aspects. This is a great…


Become more knowledgeable about the environmental issues, we are facing today and the ways that you can help.


Help tackle some of the green issues which effect us all by raising awareness and making small lifestyle changes which make a big difference.


Teach others and create more of a following to inspire people to make the beneficial changes for a healthier planet.


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Trying to raise awareness of the environmental issues we are facing today and help find solutions everyone can practice day to day.

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