Sustainable ideas for homes

Making your home more sustainable can be achieved in various ways and can introduce some interesting and exciting new ideas. Below are some practical ideas as well as some experimental prototypes. Sustainable heating systems: Switching from a gas boiler can improve the sustainability of your home and in some cases save you money. If youContinue reading “Sustainable ideas for homes”

Why bees are integral to our ecosystems and how to restore their population

Whilst forests play an important part in maintaining habitats and provide carbon traps, bees help pollinate the food we eat as well as the trees and plants that make up forests. We rely on them to maintain a biodiverse landscape as well as pollinate 90% of food worldwide. We are experiencing a global decline inContinue reading “Why bees are integral to our ecosystems and how to restore their population”

News: Urban gardens are crucial in conserving bees and butterflies

A recent study found that urban areas can offer hotspots of urban floral diversity. Stating further how the individual gardener has an important role to play in maintaining the population size of many different pollinators. ‘Urban nectar is supplied by a diverse community of flowering plants, heavily comprised of non‐native species. Residential gardens are theContinue reading “News: Urban gardens are crucial in conserving bees and butterflies”

Sustainable forest management and adaptation to climate change

Sustainable forest management can be defined as ‘outcomes that are socially just, ecologically sound and economically viable – the three pillars of sustainability‘. Each pillar is needed in order for a forests to thrive, if one of these pillars is missing a forest cannot be protected. Depending on the type of forest that is beingContinue reading “Sustainable forest management and adaptation to climate change”

Agricultural strategies to climate change

One consequence of global warming and climate change is unpredictable weather patterns and extreme weather. The agricultural industry rely on predictable weather patterns in order to produce the most yield from their crop, however, global warming is affecting the production of this crop on a international scale. Many people have been looking toward adaptive measuresContinue reading “Agricultural strategies to climate change”

The benefits of rewilding and biodiversity

‘The term biodiversity (from the phrase “biological diversity”) refers to the variety of life on Earth at all its levels, from genes to ecosystems, and can encompass the evolutionary, ecological, and cultural processes that sustain life’ – Biodiversity is needed as we rely on different ecosystems to provide water, food and medicine. If one species becomesContinue reading “The benefits of rewilding and biodiversity”

Global climate change solutions

The problems climate change presents can seem complex at first, however below I have attempted to separate the solutions to this overwhelming problem into two categories. In order to better understand what can and must be done to prevent further damage from climate change, it is best to look at what we can do throughContinue reading “Global climate change solutions”

News: UK Prime Minister promises more climate action

Recently, Boris Johnson has promised more State action in regards to climate change and has urged world leaders to do the same. The recent Climate Ambition Summit, productive debates were formed around the issues of climate change and how best to tackle them. Hopefully, from the conclusion drawn out of these meetings more international cooperationContinue reading “News: UK Prime Minister promises more climate action”

Solutions to plastic pollution in the ocean

As I mentioned in my previous post, the scale of plastic pollution has now reached unprecedented levels. We now can identify some of the issues with plastic and microplastic. Simply, microplastic is a danger to aquatic life, human life and water filtration systems. One of the largest problems with microplastic is the abundance of itContinue reading “Solutions to plastic pollution in the ocean”