Deforestation: causes, impacts and solutions

‘In 2015, an estimated 50 percent of the planet’s wild forests had gone. And the destruction of forests has continued since. If the trend is not stopped, we will only have 10 percent of the world’s original forests left by 2030’ ­ – A private corporation or government may want to deforest an areaContinue reading “Deforestation: causes, impacts and solutions”

News: Deforestation of the Amazon at a record high

It has recently been reported by Brazil’s space agency (INPE) that the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest has reached a new high. Deforestation of the Amazon, which is mostly illegal, takes place in order to make space for meat production or production of soya and other crops. With the decline of biodiversity in one ofContinue reading “News: Deforestation of the Amazon at a record high”